Darkness descends. Shadows overrun the light. Everything slowly turns to black. Silence is eternal.

Kalmo has released a new song called Mustaa. The song has been released complete with a music video that emphasizes the song’s mindscape,  dwelling in the darkness of the void.

Watch the the music video on https://kalmo.fi/mustaa The page contains lyrics in English.

The song in bandcamp: https://kalmo-doom.bandcamp.com/track/mustaa

Check out also the previous music videos:

Piru – https://youtu.be/bmbmiEdnWlc

Elävä vainaa – https://youtu.be/R12YJeRfe9k





We all are doomed!

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Kalmo - Mustaa will be released on 12.7.2018

Kalmo has been working on a new song called Mustaa.  The song is now ready, mixed and ready to be published.

In addition to the song there will be music video released together with the song.

The song will be released on 12.7.2018. 



Kalmo is working on a new song Mustaa

Kalmo is working on a new song named Mustaa. 

It is soon to be published. Mixing and mastering is about to be finalised. The music video is also being produced.

The exact publishing date is not decided yet.




Finland is capital of Metal!!

"Finland is the heavy metal country, with more than 50 metal bands for every 100,000 people. That’s more metal bands per capita than anywhere else in the known universe." http://capitalofmetal.fi is excellent source to learn about Finnish metal music scene. Kalmo is contributing too! capitalofmetal.fi/bands/kalmo

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