Doom metal until this all ends

An execrable shape has grown in the darkness. The black heart beats to the rhythm of chaos. Spreading its wings. Engulfing the only faint light of hope in darkness. The cadaver has resurrected. Kalmo is here.

After finding a true name in Kalmo, ominous visions of the inescapable doom have been falling into place in the darkness. This one-man doom metal project has been more active over the past two years, producing new material and releasing music videos.

There is only one mind, one lost soul in the core of Kalmo. The axes of doom guitars and bass are played and the dark cries are bawled by this man. The beat of doom is conjured up with the black magic of state-of-the-art, technical drumslade witchery.

Kalmo's dark heart is filled with scorching flames of excitement to release new EP Dominus Meus on October 20, 2023.

This is where the end begins.

Hailing from the haunting landscapes of Finland, Kalmo, the enigmatic force of blackened doom metal, is set to unleash their third opus, “Dominus Meus” EP. Embrace the abyss as Kalmo’s tormented soul weaves nightmarish tales of darkness and despair. Read more from the press release here.

Album will be availabe at Kalmo’s Bandcamp page.


Kalmo new album title Gehinnom

Kalmo Gehinnom album cover

The time of wrath and rage is here. Kalmo’s album Gehinnim was released on April 13th 2021.
The contains six psalms that prophecy
the end of this all. Each canticle is its own piece of a story,
but they all share the same sinister dark tone.
Album is released through Sliptrick Records. CD and digital version will be added to the   Kalmo’s Bandcamp page after Dominus Meus release.


There is no salvation, no place to escape. The demons are here. Plans of doom take shape.


A fistful of hymns of darkness have been released to shed the darkness over the all land.



The EP is available as a digital edition and a CD release. Kalmo makes its doom in Finnish: for those doomed ones not so familiar with this brutal language, the CD version contains a booklet with lyrics in both Finnish and English. Also available is a Demoni t-shirt, for wrapping that doomed cadaver in.

Place your order through Kalmo’s Bandcamp page.