Kalmo's first ever music video for Elävä vainaa is finally ready. Watch it by clicking the image below!

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Kalmo Elävä vainaa doom metal music video


About Kalmo:

Kalmo is a Finnish doom metal band. The band is one man's project to create darkest doom metal you can find.

Kalmo bows to Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Triptykon, Vorum, Candlemass, Slayer, Death Breath and Immortal.

We all are doomed!

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Kalmo - Piru, A deme sneak peek to a new song

Here is a demo sneak peek to Kalmo's new song Piru. The song structure is pretty much in place, almost all riffs, intro solo and solo are done.

Hopefully I will get this ready by the year end!


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