25.4.2019 – Kerava, Finland

Kalmo’s Debut EP Demoni

There is no salvation, no place to escape. The demons are here. Plans of doom take shape.

A dark creature was born in the darkness. This demon has grown out of its infancy. Spreading its wings. Ready for the evident end of human kind. Ready to explore all the horrors and burning agony on the way to the doom.

Kalmo is filled with scorching excitement to release its EP Demoni on 10.5.2019.

Kalmo (cadaver in English) is a Finnish one-man doom metal project. The morbid project has a history of almost a decade under different names, releasing material sporadically. Now, within the past two years, Kalmo has put more time and effort into releasing more bestial material. Before releasing this EP, Kalmo has released songs as demos; some with music videos. Now, a fistful of hymns of darkness have been more or less re-recorded, mixed and mastered to be released as a 6-song EP.

Demoni summarizes and concludes an episode in Kalmo’s story. Some of the EP’s songs are from very early years and some have been written within the past two years. With this release, as a demonic rite of passage, Kalmo is ready for more. New dark verses are being written. New evil psalms are being silently chanted in the darkness. The sinews of the sinister are gaining power. The doom will be inevitable.

The EP is available as a digital edition and a CD release. Kalmo makes its doom in Finnish: for those doomed ones not so familiar with this brutal language, the CD version contains a booklet with lyrics in both Finnish and English. Also available is a Demoni t-shirt, for wrapping that doomed cadaver in. Place your order through Kalmo’s Bandcamp page.

CD, digital edition and t-shirts available at Bandcamp on 10th of May- https://doom.kalmo.fi

Homepage: https://kalmo.fi

Twitter – https://twitter.com/KalmoDoom

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/kalmodoom/

Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68uusWaY3zM&list=PLCA9aXHmk-y0Mg8HCFvCQB4YNxRkl2yx1

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