Happy new year to you all doomed ones!

Exciting news from Kalmo!

Kalmo is appreciative being featured in Aesthectics of Sickness II, released by Heavy Music Artwork, with over 100 all-new interviews with including Cannibal Corpse, Asphyx, Bonehunter, Debauchery, Inhuman Condition, Stench Collector, Kraanium and many awesome bands more.

Aesthetics of Sickness II, Exquisite Rotting Corpses is the epitome of the grotesque and obscene. Drenched in body fluids and beautifully adorned in violence. We scoured the depths of the metal underground to find the most depraved surreal art. As with the first edition, this release includes artwork, lyrics, articles and photos.

Kalmo also wants to rise a skull to Jose Paz (https://www.instagram.com/kibusanima/) who created cover art for the album Gehinnom.

Release date 28.1.2022. Available for pre-orders now.


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