Kalmo - Dominus Meus EP cover

Hailing from the haunting landscapes of Finland, Kalmo, the enigmatic force of blackened doom metal, is set to unleash their third opus, “Dominus Meus” EP. Embrace the abyss as Kalmo’s tormented soul weaves nightmarish tales of darkness and despair.

The EP unveils three new songs in a nightmarish cycle swirling deeper into the abyss of development, as Kalmo’s style and sound brood and fester, birthing a new sinister layer of malevolence. The haunting melodies of the EP lay an enigmatic course into the depths of darkness, unfurling veils of shadows and obscure secrets. Dominus Meus beckons from the blackness of the abyss, forsaking the familiar Finnish lyrics for unholy incantations hissed in the English tongue, entwining listeners in a web of sinister enchantment.

All songs, born from Kalmo’s tormented soul, were recorded in the desolate confines of Kalmo’s haunted home studio. Roland Rodas at Cavern of Echoes ( https://www.cavernofechoes.com/ ), the enigmatic master of sound engineering, adeptly weaves dark incantations through meticulous mixing and mastering, conjuring the thick, suffocating shroud of darkness that seeps from each haunting melody. The artist known only as Mosaeye [IG: mosaeye] has crafted the chilling cover art, where shadows twist and nightmares materialize, enveloping the EP in an unsettling aura of mystery. In addition, Kalmo seeks to raise a sinister skull, veiled in an air of arcane rites, as a token of profound gratitude, and pay homage to the dear friends within Kalmo’s Inner Circle, as well as the enigmatic mentors Pekka Olkkonen, Aliki Katriou, and Mari Aro, for their invaluable guidance and unwavering support throughout the unholy journey of birthing this haunting EP amidst the shadows.

Amidst this chilling tale, the enigmatic “Dominus Meus” EP beckons. Immerse yourself in the abyss, for the echoes of darkness are ready to consume you. Dare to venture into the unknown and experience the haunting melodies exclusively at Kalmo’s Bandcamp page https://doom.kalmo.fi/ on 20th of October 2023. Unleash “Dominus Meus” and become one with the shadows.

And as the ink of this chapter of Dominus Meus dries, the tale continues: the next release is already gloomily taking shape in the darkness, ready to beckon forth new auditory shadows as the timeline unfolds.

Kalmo links: https://linktr.ee/kalmodoom

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