There are so many bands one could write about. The big ones on my top list are for example Celtic Frost, Hellhammer, Triptykon, Slayer, King Diamond, Black Sabbath, and Master. However, in this post I wanted to introduce the ones that have been on my playing list recently. The list is in no particular order.

The links take you to their Bandcamp pages and to Metal Archive pages. Even though Kalmo’s music is on Spotify too, I do not personally use Spotify for listening to music but prefer Bandcamp.


I found Weedeater a couple of years ago. The music is groovy, but still raw and brutal. Goliathan was the album that got me introduced to them.



Death Breath

For me this is an old school death metal jewel. Have seen them live once. It was over 10 years ago but I’m still thinking back to that gig. I was extremely happy to find out that they had released new music – the latest being a 7” single, which was released through Electric Assault Records. Looking forward to hearing more new music from them. Their music videos are also so cool. If you have not yet, go and check them out!  \m/





If you are into old school thrash metal, Methane is the band for you to check out! I have had the pleasure to see them play live twice: the last time was on the day before yesterday (I am writing this on 24th of September) on their Thrash or Die! Tour in Finland. It was also great to meet and hang out with the guys! \m/




First, I need to say that unfortunately this band has split up. From their ashes rose Concrete Winds. Anyway, for me Vorum is brutal extreme that you need play very, very, very loud. From their Current Mouth release’s Bandcamp page “Although the total playing time of this release is only close to 20 minutes, everyone should be aware that: Pain lengthens time!”




Galvanizer is another grinding death metal band from Finland. Freakishly energetic and based on their riffs I think they know their roots in death metal!




In my mind Sammath belongs to the same category as Vorum:  when you listen to their music, you just need to stop everything else and direct all your focus on the music. This is no background music, this is music you listen to – well, perhaps you may take a sip of beer once in a while. \m/ Their latest album is so brutal, so brutal. 666% loud. I also like their uncompromising attitude: we do it our way and we are not interested in what you think.




Veilburner was a find that I was especially excited about. For me their approach to music is refreshing, they do not bow in any direction. They have one of their own!



Primitive Man

I still do not know how Primitive Man managed to fly under my radar for so long. Luckily my extreme vocal teacher and coach Aliki pointed me to their direction. Such beautiful dissonances, such dark and tearing songs. If this is not doom heavy metal then I do not know what is.




If you want slow and heavy riff doom, you need to check out Vainaja. Their latest concept EP is called Kiviristi. The second half of it will be released at some point in the unforeseen future.



Ethereal Tomb

This is the latest find. The ripping vocal sound combined with the tearing guitar sound penetrated my brain and tickled my musical pleasure nerve ends already from the first song’s first bars.



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