Kalmo is a Finnish doom metal band performed by multitudes of personalities of one man. The band has been crawling in the night since about 2008, starting with another name.

The song lyrics are written in Finnish. They get their inspiration from the world around us, the seen and unseen world.

The longer term aim for Kalmo is to produce an EP containing four to six darkest and doomiest songs. Like the end for us all the EP will come - eventually.

Together with the music, Kalmo wants to offer you doomed ones clothing with doom designs to express your dark souls. Check out the store for some cool t-shirts.

In addition to the songs, Kalmo has released two music videos. Check out Kalmo's Youtube channel! \m/

Kalmo bows to Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Triptykon, Vorum, Candlemass, Slayer, Death Breath and Immortal.

Our equipment


RG series neck through body Ibanez. D-tuning. EMG mics. Quite often using D'Addario XL Med top/X-heavy BTM strings. 

LTD VB-400

The roaring wall of guitars are made by LTD VB-400 baritone guitar. EMG mics.D'Addario Medium Gauge strings. D tuning.

SW: Propellerhead Reason DAW and Kuassa amps

Kalmo uses Propellerhead Reason DAW to record and produce the music. For guitars Kuassa Creme and for Bass Kuassa Cerberus bass amps.

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