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30 Mar

Kalmo working on EP

Kalmo has been working on EP past over a few months.

The material is now being mixed and mastered. The cover art is ready.

Doom will be here soon!


The EP release date will be announced later.

Stay doomed!\m/


29 Jun

Kalmo - Mustaa will be released on 12.7.2018

Kalmo has been working on a new song called Mustaa.  The song is now ready, mixed and ready to be published.

In addition to the song there will be music video released together with the song.

The song will be released on 12.7.2018. 


26 May

Finland is capital of Metal!!

"Finland is the heavy metal country, with more than 50 metal bands for every 100,000 people. That’s more metal bands per capita than anywhere else in the known universe." http://capitalofmetal.fi is excellent source to learn about Finnish metal music scene.Kalmo is contributing too! capitalofmetal.fi/bands/kalmo

18 Feb

1000 Twitter followers!

Oh, the mother of all demons!!! Kalmo has 1000 Twitter followers!

Thank you all for following and supporting Kalmo.

There will be a giveaway campaing organised to celebrate this milestone and all of you!

Stay tuned and stay doomed!!  More news will follow. \m/


09 Feb

New song Piru is released

Kalmo proudly announces a new song Piru released. Together with releasing a new song Kalmo releases a new music video.

The song is available at

SoundCloud - https://soundcloud.com/kalmo-doom/piru

YouTube - https://youtu.be/bmbmiEdnWlc 


Stay doomed!  \m/



09 Dec

Kalmo - Piru, A demo sneak peek to a new song

Here is a demo sneak peek to Kalmo's new song Piru. The song structure is pretty much in place, almost all riffs, intro solo and solo are done.

Hopefully I will get this ready by the year end!

Did You Know?

Kalmo is a Finnish word meaning corpse or cadaver

Word Kalmo is Finnish and means dead human body. 

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