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09 Dec

Kalmo - Piru, A deme sneak peek to a new song

Here is a demo sneak peek to Kalmo's new song Piru. The song structure is pretty much in place, almost all riffs, intro solo and solo are done.

Hopefully I will get this ready by the year end!

02 Dec

Vote Kalmo for band of the month

Metal Devastation Radio has a battle for the band of the month. Kalmo is in the battle. Go and vote for Finnish doom. Vote Kalmo.

Share and ask your friends to vote for Kalmo doom!




11 Nov

New Kalmo song Lupaus

To celebrate 666 Twitter followers Kalmo releases a new doom metal song named Lupaus.

Listen lupaus here: https://kalmo.fi/lupaus

11 Nov

Kalmo has 666 Twitter followers

Kalmo has now 666 twitter followers. So excited. So thankful for your support. Thank you.

To celebrate this milestone Kalmo will release a new song. Stay doomed! \m/


23 Oct

Kalmo's new music video is released

Kalmo's first ever doom metal video for the song Elävä vainaa is now released. You can watch the video at kalmo.fi/ev.


Did You Know?

Kalmo is a Finnish word meaning corpse or cadaver

Word Kalmo is Finnish and means dead human body. 

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