Kalmo new music video Piru
New doom metal music video is out

Kalmo proudly announces a new song Piru released. Together with releasing a new song Kalmo releases a new music...

The battle is on

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Kalmo 666 twitter followers
Kalmo has 666 Twitter followers

Kalmo has now 666 twitter followers. So excited. So thankful for your support. Thank you. To celebrate this milestone...

Kalmo new song Lupaus
New Kalmo song Lupaus

To celebrate 666 Twitter followers Kalmo releases a new doom metal song named Lupaus. Listen lupaus here:  https://doom.kalmo.fi/track/lupaus

Bad seed for a new song
A bad seed for the new song

There it is: a bad seed for the new song. It seems that the basics are pretty much there....

Kalmo logo
Doom and despair for the end to come

Kalmo - Doom and despair for the end to come