Kalmo Releases New EP on October 2023

Hailing from the haunting landscapes of Finland, Kalmo, the enigmatic force of blackened doom metal, is set to unleash their third opus, "Dominus Meus" EP. Embrace the abyss as Kalmo's tormented soul weaves nightmarish tales of darkness and despair.

Kalmo rises a skull to you!

Kalmo rises a skull to you! Kalmo is humbled and grateful for the support Kalmo received from bloggers, writers, radio DJs, and media! \m/

Kalmo EP Demoni
Pressemitteilung – Kalmo’s Debut Doom Metal EP “Demoni”

Kalmo’s Debut EP “Demoni” Es gibt keine Erlösung, keinen Raum zur Flucht. Die Dämonen sind da. Die Verdammnis wirft...

Kalmo EP Demoni
Kalmo vapauttaa Demonin 10.5.2019

Ei toivoa pelastuksesta, ei pakopaikkaa maan päällä. Tuhon säkeet soivat. Demonit ovat täällä. Synkkä hahmo syntyi pimeydessä ja varttui...

Kalmo working on EP

Kalmo is working on EP

Kalmo interviewed by Blessed Altar Zine
Kalmo interview Blessed Altar Zine

Blessed Altar Zine interviewed Kalmo. Read the interview here: https://www.blessedaltarzine.com/2018/08/24/kalmo-interview/ Blessed Altar Zine is a media with the only purpose...

Kalmo doom metal music video Mustaa
New song and music video Mustaa is out

Kalmo has published a new doom metal song with a music video called Mustaa

Finland is capital of Metal!!

“Finland is the heavy metal country, with more than 50 metal bands for every 100,000 people. That’s more metal...

Kalmo new music video Piru
New doom metal music video is out

Kalmo proudly announces a new song Piru released. Together with releasing a new song Kalmo releases a new music...

The battle is on

Vote Kalmo for the band of the month at metaldevastationradio.com

Kalmo 666 twitter followers
Kalmo has 666 Twitter followers

Kalmo has now 666 twitter followers. So excited. So thankful for your support. Thank you. To celebrate this milestone...

Kalmo new song Lupaus
New Kalmo song Lupaus

To celebrate 666 Twitter followers Kalmo releases a new doom metal song named Lupaus. Listen lupaus here:  https://doom.kalmo.fi/track/lupaus

Bad seed for a new song
A bad seed for the new song

There it is: a bad seed for the new song. It seems that the basics are pretty much there....

Kalmo logo
Doom and despair for the end to come

Kalmo - Doom and despair for the end to come

Kalmo Interview
Kalmo Interview at Blessed Altar Zine

Count Vlad visited Kalmo and we had a chat about new EP Demoni and many other things. Read the...

Demoni reviewed by Inferno magazine
Demoni Reviewed by Inferno

Thank you Aadolf at Inferno magazine for reviewing Demoni. First review for Kalmo on printed media \m/

Demoni review at Blessed Altar Zine
Demoni reviewed by Blessed Altar Zine

Kalmo was pleased to have Count Vlad review Kalmo’s debut EP at Blessed Altar Zine. Read the the full...

Demoni reviewed by doom-metal.com

Thank you Mike at Doom-metal.com (Doom-metal.com) for reviewing Kalmo’s EP Demoni. \m/ 💀 \m/Check out from link below what he thinks about it:http://doom-metal.com/reviews.php?album=3467

Demoni reviewed by Metal Underground
Demoni reviewed by Metal Underground

Danke schön Metal Underground Webzine Austria\m/ Thank you Metal Underground for reviewing Kalmo’s EP Demoni at http://www.metalunderground.at/! \m/ Check out the...

Demoni review at Encyclopedia Metallicum
Demoni reviewed by metal archives

Thank you Napero adding Kalmo to Encyclopedia Metallum and for the EP review! \m/Check out what Napero thinks about...

Demoni reviewed by Metalliluola
Demoni Reviewed by Metalliluola

Thank you Miika at Metalliluola for razor sharp Kalmo Demoni EP review! Read the review here.

Pest Webzine review of Demoni

Read here what Adrian has to say about Kalmo’s EP Demoni.

Demoni reviewed by Long Live Rock’n’Roll

Rob at Long Live Rock’n’Roll has reviewed Kalmo’s EP Demoni Read the review from here: https://www.longliverocknroll.it/kalmo-demoni/

Demoni review at Metal Jacket Magazine

Demoni review at Metal Jacket Magazine Thank you Lukrecija at Metal Jacket Magazine for the review!

Kalmo has released a Khreestmas doom metal single and music video

Hell awaits ye rotten servants, y’all should dismay. Forgotten demon savior resurrected today. Kalmo has dragged a traditional Khreestmas...

Kalmo on julkaisuut doom metal joululaulun ja musiikkivideon

Hell awaits ye rotten servants, y’all should dismay. Forgotten demon savior resurrected today. Jouluun valmistautuessaan Kalmo on ottanut perinteisen...

DarkUndergroundMusicZine Demoni Review

DarkUndergroundMusicZine has reviewed Kalmo’s EP Demoni. http://hatredmeanswarzine.blogspot.com/2020/01/kalmodemoni2019-ep-rebiew.html Thank you for the review. Kalmo rises skull to you! \m/

Musika has reviewed Demoni

Heel erg bedankt! \m/ Thank you Musika for reviewing Kalmo’s debut EP Demoni. Read the review from here: https://www.musika.be/2020/01/17/kalmo-demoni-ep/

The Flipside – Kalmo Interview

Dizzy Storm interviewed Kalmo for her blog The Flipside. Read the interview here: https://dizystroms.blogspot.com/2020/02/dj-interviews-kalmo.html?spref=tw Thank you Dizzy for interviewing...

Kalmo has released a new single – Twinkle

From the twisted dark dungeons rises a murmurous tone of mutilated psalm. Echoing from the dust of scorched ground...

Kalmo on Spotify

Kalmo’s EP Demoni has been released on several different music platforms under the name Kalmo Doom. Check out the...

Kalmo, Twinkle – Review by Rock Queen

Thank you for Rock Queen for reviewing Kalmo’s single and music video Twinkle. Check out the review and other...

KALMO Joins Sliptrick Records

Kalmo is more than excited to join Sliptrick Records. Check the press release here. New album is work in...

Kalmo rises a skull to you
Kalmo rises a skull to you!

Kalmo is grateful to the following bloggers, webzines, publications, individuals etc. for supporting Kalmo by sharing the news, reviewing...

Kalmo featured in Aesthectics of Sickness II

Happy new year to you all doomed ones! Exciting news from Kalmo! Kalmo is appreciative being featured in Aesthectics...

What is going on in Kalmo’s playlist

Here some of the bands from my current playlist.