Demoni review at Metal Jacket Magazine

Demoni review at Metal Jacket Magazine Thank you Lukrecija at Metal Jacket Magazine for the review!

Demoni reviewed by Long Live Rock’n’Roll

Rob at Long Live Rock’n’Roll has reviewed Kalmo’s EP Demoni Read the review from here: https://www.longliverocknroll.it/kalmo-demoni/

Pest Webzine review of Demoni

Read here what Adrian has to say about Kalmo’s EP Demoni.

Demoni reviewed by Inferno magazine
Demoni Reviewed by Inferno

Thank you Aadolf at Inferno magazine for reviewing Demoni. First review for Kalmo on printed media \m/

Demoni reviewed by doom-metal.com

Thank you Mike at Doom-metal.com (Doom-metal.com) for reviewing Kalmo’s EP Demoni. \m/ 💀 \m/Check out from link below what he thinks about it:http://doom-metal.com/reviews.php?album=3467

Demoni reviewed by Metal Underground
Demoni reviewed by Metal Underground

Danke schön Metal Underground Webzine Austria\m/ Thank you Metal Underground for reviewing Kalmo’s EP Demoni at http://www.metalunderground.at/! \m/ Check out the...

Demoni reviewed by Metalliluola
Demoni Reviewed by Metalliluola

Thank you Miika at Metalliluola for razor sharp Kalmo Demoni EP review! Read the review here.

Kalmo Interview
Kalmo Interview at Blessed Altar Zine

Count Vlad visited Kalmo and we had a chat about new EP Demoni and many other things. Read the...

Kalmo EP Demoni
Pressemitteilung – Kalmo’s Debut Doom Metal EP “Demoni”

Kalmo’s Debut EP “Demoni” Es gibt keine Erlösung, keinen Raum zur Flucht. Die Dämonen sind da. Die Verdammnis wirft...

Demoni review at Blessed Altar Zine
Demoni reviewed by Blessed Altar Zine

Kalmo was pleased to have Count Vlad review Kalmo’s debut EP at Blessed Altar Zine. Read the the full...